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Dec 31, 2012 5:30pm EST
the 2-nd timm this month someone has been shoved to their death in front of a moving train i new york city.... and new york into installiig fencing along meanwhile, the state of &pponnecttccu could soon be slaaped with aa 00-mmllion- tt provide a safe setting for sttdents..rvinggpinsky is seeking damages on behalf of a ccnversations overrtheeg nd iq: "the whole thing came on over tte intercom, down to the bang bang and her friends are dead, and that's trauma..... tthnk that's a leap of logic that i could never even immgine" pinsky says the priiicipal and school teachers should have been armed with high-graae and a major annoonnement from kim kardashiann... the tv star is exppctingg ee first child her boyfriend anye west broke the news ttis morning at a show in atlantic city. karrashian is still legally humpries... even though she filed for divorce in october of 2011.west and kaadashian have been toggther for 8 months. 3- ii you don'tthhve plans to ring in the new year yet... we have a great option for yoo. there's a big party hhapening in las vegas anddyou can see ii all right here on fox4
Dec 17, 2012 5:30pm EST
-old oah pozner... he -3 loved learning how things worked... and jjck pinto - -3 also 6 - a new york giants ffn & - funerals are pllnned throughhut the week... as the iivvsttgation continues. -3 p policc say the shootee -- 20 year old adam lanza -- had -3 hundreds oo roundssof ammunntion... enough to kill about every student in he to thh school... he shot his mother four times in the head at theii home... -3 3p43-54""e have begun processing phe evidence, analyying the evidence. every singleefacet of the weaaons wwll be analyzed." annlyzed." 3 investiggtors areereviewing the cooteets of the gunmanns computer, phone and credit card records... to find out & massacre. -3 3 we've also learned tonight that the parenttof one off yoong victims of the connecticuu scchol shooting 3 . robert gay wws a graduaae of calvert hall igh sshool n 1978 .his seven year old &pddughter josephiie grace was among thhse ho lost theer &plives on friday. maryland schools reected to -the shooting ttday by &&pincreaaing security and 3 p3 baltimore couutys crisis plan was updated earlier thhs year after theeshootinggat p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2